Educational Programs


The KLMCDC has a long standing tradition of focusing on our community's children in reference to pushing them to succeed educationally. 


We offer a wide variety of programs and events that will help the student to stimulate academic prowess.


Back II School Rally


Every year we put on a back-to-school rally. At this event people from the community come to experience games, food and fun. While at the event, we provide families with a whole host of school supplies, including backpacks, pencils, noteboooks and dividers. These types of events are essential to engaging parents in the educational process, while providing them with the tools necessary to help thier children to start the year properly.


L.E.A.P. Scholarship


We provide scholarships for students who advance academically. We understand that there are certain segments of the population that simply dont have the financial means to move on to higher learning. We seek to help make this happen. 


Computer Training


The world is advancing at the click of a mouse. It would only be natural for the KLMCDC to provide computer training to help keep students where the world is going.