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Allocation. Allocation. Allocation. Its all about allocation.


The KLMCDC prides itself on being able to foster the best, most innovative programs for our communitites. As a result, our board seeks to be as proficient and efficient as possible. This means we must properly develop programs that help the broadest array of people, while  fulfilling our core mission and objectives. 


Our board has developed an innovative three pillar system under which all of our programs fall. These are:  Education, Health & Human Services; Community Development.  Under our Education Pillar we have fostered various programs focusing on the academic progress of students. Undr the second pillar, Health & Human Services, we have developed programs with the objective of strengthening the well being and living standards of various target markets. Lastly, the third pillar, Community Development, has the objective of training segments of the community on making better choices and employability. 


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